Fulham College

Brief: Fulham College Academy Trust is the ‘umbrella’ organisation for Fulham Cross Girls’ School, Fulham College Boys’ School and Fulham Enterprise Studio.

Logo Design

The Trust required logos for itself, plus the girls’, boys’ and studio schools. A globe was chosen to represent the global reach of the Trust and Schools, and each is colour coded – pink for girls, gold for boys, and green for the Studio.

All three colours are incorporated in the logo for the Trust, and a whole globe used, as opposed to the partial globe for the three schools.
Fulham College Logos

FCBS Logo Elements
The globe element is often used on its own as a background on promotional materials.

Design for print

We have been commissioned to produce a full range of promotional materials for each arm of the organisation, including postcards, flyers, leaflets, posters, brochures, folders and display banners.

FCBS Brochure
FCBS Brochure
FCBS Brochure
FCBS Brochure
FCBS Brochure


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